Who We Are & What We Do

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated and comitted to the Health, Safety and Welfare of Kittens and Cats, including non-domesticated "feral cats”.We are a 100% voluntarily run and operated community organization with no paid employees. We are comprised of an outstanding group of community residents who have a love for felines (kittens & cats) of all types, breeds, ages and sizes.

Donations and Other Revenue

We accept cash donations, and food supplies. We generate revenue from other organizations, community events and our activities like our very popular monthly flea market.


We offer kittens and cats regardless of age or disabilities for adoptions to loving families who understand that a cat can bring a lot of love into a family.

Non-Kill Organization

We are a Non-Kill organization. Non-Kill simply means that unlike other animal groups, we will not euthanize any feline in our possession simply because we have not yet found them a home at that time. No animal deserves to be humanely put down or otherwise simply because there is no family to care for them. It is our duty, passion and commitment to find them a home where they will be loved and properly cared for and protected.

Feral / Barn Cats

We also are believers that feral or non-domesticated felines (barn cats) regardless of age should have the opportunity to be placed in an environment where farmers and ranchers can benefit from their natural instincts to hunt down pests and rodents and to limit their negative impact for those open productive environments.